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AEO Powersports is excited to announce our new East Valley location and is proud to become a dealer for Husqvarna Motorcycles’ innovative new line of premium Motocross and Off-Road Enduro models!

2019 Husqvarna Motocross Range

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2019 Husqvarna Off-Road Range

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2018 Husqvarna Supermoto Range

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2018 Husqvarna Street Range

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AEO Powersports is excited and proud to become a dealer for Alta Motors’ truly revolutionary line of next generation innovative motorcycles!

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AEO Powersports is excited and proud to become a dealer for Stacyc Stability Cycles and are "on a mission to get the young balancing on two wheels, creating new riders and SHARING THE LOVE OF RIDING!"

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AEO Powersports

Established in 1998, AEO Powersports has always been a family owned and operated business. After moving from a small retail location in the Arrowhead area, AEO grew to over five times the original size. AEO boasts a full service shop run by three of the top mechanics in the valley and an upgraded retail front with the best selection of top brands in performance and protective gear at competitive prices. We have a large loyal customer base that is founded on professionalism and personal attention. AEO’s well-trained and experienced staff will get you outfitted with everything you need to keep you and your family safe and stylish while riding. So stop by and see what we can do for you and your machine!

EVO Suspension

AEO Powersports is proud to be the southwest dealer for EVO Suspension. With one of the widest ranges of settings and specs, our suspension team can get your bike working at its absolute best. We ensure your happiness with the work we have done by taking the time to help tune and set up your bike to fit your needs specifically. Having a representative out at the local tracks weekly gives us the opportunity to watch our riders to make sure that our suspension is performing to its fullest potential. Stop by or give us a call to get a quote on getting EVO Suspension for your bike!!

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